A Taiwanese single malt whisky at Nantou Distillery run by TTL, or Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor, a government brand. Nantou is located in Nantouhsien, which started distillation of Whisky spirit in 2008 using four pot stills which were manufactured by Forsyths of Rothes, Speyside.

The distillery only started production in 2008. Of course this means their whiskies are quite young. But Taiwan has a warmer climate, so we can still expect good things. They’ve been putting out cask strength limited releases for a couple of years, but they now have a duo of whiskies at 56% that we might call their core range.


Color:Dark Amber
Nose: fresh yet fruity and nutty. There is plenty of spirit present and other notes fight through this with some persistence - think of caramel, dark treacle, raisins and walnuts in particular.
Palate:There is a heavy wood influence and this manifests itself as bitter nuts and cinnamon-like spices. Then comes a savory, almost burnt meaty, character.
Finish: Mid Long. Only with plenty of time do some sweeter caramel and dried fruits (especially raisins)

Domestic Annual Limited Edition
This has been bottled at the natural cask strength of 56% ABV and Outsized Quantity.


Do Not Drink And Drive