Award of International MONDE SELECTION

Award of International MONDE SELECTION
Monde Selection 2015 Winning List
Product Name Spec 2015
Taiwan Beer 0.6L Gold
Taiwan Beer 0.33L Gold
Taiwan Beer 0.5L Gold
Gold Medal Taiwan Beer 0.33L Silver
Gold Medal Taiwan Beer 0.6L Gold
Gold Medal Taiwan Beer 0.33L Gold
Gold Medal Taiwan Beer 0.5L Gold
Weissbier 0.6L Silver
Taiwan Beer Weissbier 0.6L Gold
Taiwan Beer Weissbier 0.33L Gold
Yushan Taiwan Kaoling Liquor 0.75L Gold
Yushan Taiwan Superior Kaoliang ageed 8 years (porcelain) 0.7L Grand Gold
Yushan Taiwan Yuan Jiao ( aged 4 years) 0.6L Silver
Yushan Jin Golden Kaoliang 0.7L Gold
Yushan Chungtsau Yangseng Liquor 0.3L Gold
Yushan Chu Yeh Ching Liqueur 0.5L Gold
Yushan Taiwan Puli Fong Shaohsing Chiew, cellar aged 20 years 0.75L Gold
Yuchan Premium V.O Shaohsing Chiew, 16 Years Cellar Aged (Daughter's Wedding Chiew) 0.7L Gold
Yuchan Premium V.O. Shaohsing Chiew, Cellar Aged 18 Years (CHUANG YUAN HONG) 0.7L Gold
Pray For Bliss Via Sky Lanterns 1.0L Grand Gold
Yushan 52% Kaoliang Chiew 2L Gold
Yushan 52% 12-YearKaoliang Chiew 1L Grand Gold
Junmai Ginjo Sake (ILHA FORMOSA) 1.8L Gold
Yuchan Taro Flavor Junmai Sake 0.72L Gold
Yuchan Junmai Sake 0.6L Gold
Yuchan Green Plum Fruit Wine 0.375L Gold
Yuchan Cellar Aged (Golden Chicken) Hungluh Chiew 1.35L Gold
Jade Supremacy Classic Taiwan Whisky 0.7L Gold
Healthy & Beautiful Vinegar (Peach) 0.52L Gold
Healthy & Beautiful Vinegar (Green Apple) 0.52L Gold
Anka Malz 0.33L Gold
FREE Sports Drink 0.58L Gold
TTL Anka Almond Sweed Chips 10bags/box Gold
Go!Genki (Peach) 0.42L Silver
Go!Genki (Plum) 0.42L Silver

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